Marrakech-Cascades-Ouzoud Trip

2 pax/60 euros/pax 3 pax/50 euros/pax
4 pax/40 euros/pax 5 pax/35 euros/pax

The Ouzoud Waterfalls are natural wonders that are worth a visit ,about about 2:30 drive from Marrakech, the most beautiful waterfalls of Morocco : About 110 metres tall, its waters bounce on several platforms and throw fine little drops of water in the air. The waterfalls are, therefore, virtually underlined with a constant beautiful rainbow. They dash against a basin of limestone rocks amid a luxuriant vegetation where live entire families of macaques that play and eat in tall trees which give tasty fruits these monkeys adore. 

On the waterfalls tops, one can see antique small cereal grain mills that are still in working order. 

Starting 8: 00h - Return: at the end of afternoon.

Inclusions :

air conditioning car  + driver + Gazoil

Not including : lunch expenses


Ouzoud waterfalls

At the foot of the Middle Atlas, discover the magnificent Ouzoud waterfalls, a small paradise

located just 160 kms from Marrakech, in the province of Azilal.

Considered as one of the most spectacular natural attractions and the highest waterfalls of Morocco with about 108 meters of height, Ouzoud cascades invite you for a memorable excursion combining discovery, escape and hospitality, the inhabitants of the area is friendly and very welcoming and the scenery is truly breathtaking.

Opt for this beautiful excursion and discover a magical place that houses many small restaurants serving a rich and varied traditional Moroccan cuisine and charming hotels for comfortable accommodation.

At dusk, you can observe wild Macaque monkeys of inhumanity and Tortoise.